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To place an order by mail, send it to:
C.J. Brown Studios
904 N Mulford Rd.
Lindenwood, IL 61049

Payment can be made by Visa, Mastercharge, personal check, or money order.

Orders are shipped flat by UPS. 
I ship worldwide and shipping prices vary so please call me concerning shipping fees.  

I guarantee my artwork and want you to be happy with it so if for any reason you are not satisfied with the art print please call me within 7 days to make arrangements for its return. No merchandise may be returned after 30 days. Please call me immediately should your artwork arrive damaged through shipment as I handle all claims. Illinois residents add 6 1/4 % tax.

What's the difference between A.P. and Regular Limited Edition?

The most common question which I am asked is what is the difference between an A.P. and the regular limited edition? Basically just the number written down in the lower left hand corner of the print. A.P. stands for artist proof and is a tradition that dates back to the early printing presses when the first prints off the press were considered to be more desirable because the inks were truer. Today with our technology the last print is of the same quality as the first however the tradition of numbering APs is still done. This is a small edition , usually no more than 10% of the limited edition. So if there were 750 prints, then there would be 75 APs and numbered such as...AP 1/75. Because the edition is smaller they are considered to be more valuable and really only make a difference when the print is sold out and on the secondary market. Serious print collectors usually like to collect artist proofs. I tell my customers though to just buy an image because you like it, not because of a potential investment value. I hope that I haven't confused you too much! All of my prints are printed on some of the best acid free papers on the market using the highest grade of fade resistant inks available to produce a fine art print of an upscale quality that both you and I will be happy with.