Childrens Books

CJ Brown has created a series of beloved and award winning books which promote a positive message about agriculture and rural life to both urban and rural audiences. These books are produced in the United States and like her prints, use high quality materials to create a book which will last for years to come. The books are hard cover and gallery bound to make  them an "heirloom book" to be passed down to the next generation!

"A is for Angus"
"A is for Angus" is the first book written and illustrated by CJ Brown. This iconic rhyming alphabet book teaches the reader not just about Angus but cattle in general, using letters and the book promotes
the beef industry in a delightful way.
Retail price: $24.95

  "The Cow Book"
"The Cow Book", another rhyming alphabet book, teaches and illustrates to the reader, the many cattle breeds around the world. Everyone will learn something from this book!
Retail price: $30.00

"A Cattlelog of Christmas Stories"
"A Cattlelog of Christmas Stories" features seven stories about Christmas traditions and cows! Some stories are spiritual with a faith based message, while others are purely fun tales about cows
and Christmas. A great family book to read together!
Retail price: $25.00

  "Counting Cows, A Book to Count from 1 to 12"
"Counting Cows, A Book to Count from 1 to 12" is a favorite among young readers. Interaction abounds in this book between reader and listener. Numbers are hidden within the illustrations on each page for the
child to find.
Retail price: $25.00

"There's a New Baby Calf"
"There's a New Baby Calf", first of the little book series, lets the child experience the first day in the life of a new born calf. The illustrations in this book will delight little ones! Several of the illustrations have
also been created for art pieces to be used in children's rooms!
Retail price: $20.00
  "The Calf Who Became KING"
"Between these pages is a story of a little Hereford calf named King, And if you read it, perhaps joy and fun it will bring. May you discover the story's theme. Never ever be afraid to dream!
Retail price: $25.00